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Ment Morris is an Austin based guitarist and educator specializing in Bakersfield Sound, Classic Country, Western Swing, Country Jazz, Jazz, and Electric Blues Guitar

What I Offer


In depth video courses on topics like:
  •  "In The Style of Don Rich"
  •  "Western Swing Rhythm Guitar"
  •  "Emulating Pedal Steel Guitar"
  •  "Playing Out of Chord Shapes"
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Custom Lessons/Transcriptions

Need a solo or song figured or help with a certain topic, but don't have the time? I offer custom lessons and transcriptions. Contact me for a quote!
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Private Lessons

  • Online via Skype/Factime
  • In Person
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Rhythm Guitar Style of Eldon Shamblin (Part 1)

An in depth video course on the Western Swing Rhythm Guitar style of Eldon Shamblin!
View course $25

Eldon Shamblin Transcription Pack

Note for note "Faded Love" and "San Antonio Rose" rhythm guitar accompaniments from the Bob Wills album, "For The Last Time". More included!
View product $15

Lead Guitar Style of Roy Nichols

An in depth video course into Roy's note choice, technique, and jazz influence that helped create Merle Haggard's classic sound!
View course $25

Roy Nichols Transcription Pack

Five note for note solos!
1. No Hard Time Blues
2. Hammin' It Up
3. Big Bad Bill
4. Leaving Phoenix
5. Every Fool Has A Rainbow
View product $15

Emulating The Pedal Steel Guitar

Learn how to emulate the pedal steel guitar licks of Ralph Mooney, Lloyd Green, and Tom Brumley!
View course $25

The Buckaroos Transcription Pack

Four note for note solos from Don Rich and Tom Brumley from the Buck Owens Show!
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View product $15

Lead Guitar Style of Junior Barnard

An in depth video course on the guitarist who's blues, jazz, and swing stylings helped create the Western Swing guitar sound!
View course $25

Junior Barnard Transcription Pack

Five note for note solos!
1. Milk Cow Blues
2. Take Me Back To Tulsa
3. Faded Love
4. Texas Playboy Rag
5. Bring It On Down To My House
View product $15

Roy Lanham Transcription Pack

Learn three solos note for note! A great mix of blues, bebop, and country jazz!
1. Lost Weekend
2. A Smooth One
3. Roy's Blues
View product $15

Soloing Out Of Chord Shapes Transcription Pack

Youtube series outlining fundamental shapes and movements western swing and country/country jazz guitarists use.
View product $25

Jimmie Rivers Transcription Pack

Four note for note solos from the album, "Brisbane Bop".
1. "Jimmie's Blues"
2. "Hold It"
"On The Alamo"
4. "Jammin' with Jimmy"
View product $15